Establishment of "the Institute of Hong Kong Architectural Technologists" (HKAT)

In January 2001, the Construction Industry Review Committee prepared a CIRC report in which it pointed out that the need of raising the standards of professional workforces in all disciplines is important in order to uplift the quality of construction industry. In response to the CIRC report, we recognized that formation of a local institute called "The Institute of Hong Kong Architectural Technologists" (HKAT) is essential. The purpose of establishing HKAT is to enhance the professional standards and recognition of architectural technologists to cope with the day-to-day challenges in the discipline of architectural technology in the industry. Finally, we hope that the establishment of HKAT can foster a sense of belonging of architectural technologists to the construction industry in Hong Kong.

  • To promote the interest of members of HKAT and establish a standard of competence and professional conduct for the full member in the discipline of Architectural Technologist in Hong Kong.
  • To acquire local recognition of qualified architectural technologist in Hong Kong.
  • To assist local educational institutes for the development of course relating to architectural technology.
  • To establish linking to Government authorities, educational institutes and other professional institutes relating the development of architectural technologists in Hong Kong

Traditionally, architect played a major role in design and responsible to the supervision of construction work. Architectural supporting staff such as the draftsman was employed to work with the architect. They are only preferable to undertake drawing production because most of them had no recognized qualification at all. In small architectural firm, the principals could be the qualified architects and all the working drawings and design work are virtually undertaken by experience architectural supporting staff known as "Architect Technician". Thus, their level of responsibility was determined by their qualification as well as practical work experience in which they work.

Until mid 1990s, a new discipline of architectural professional that is studying in the field of architectural technology with wide practical skills has been developed. They played a complementary role and worked alongside with the architect in project team. Apart from the function of who to ensure compliance of construction work with specifications and statutory requirement in the drawing and design work, they are also responsible to tasks on project management and contractual matter of the work. This new architectural discipline is called "Architectural Technologists". The working relationship between architect and architectural technologists on architectural design and production has been well established and the industry recognized that the quality building is possible only through the innovation and co-operation of professionals, including architects and architectural technologists.

Education & Training of Architectural Technologists

In the past, there was no formal training for architectural supporting staff in Hong Kong. Until 1988, upon the endorsement of the University and Polytechnic Grants Committee, the then City Polytechnic of Hong Kong (now City University of Hong Kong) established the Higher Diploma course in Architectural Studies for the training of architectural technician. This High Diploma course had changed to an Associate Degree course in Architectural Studies since 2001. The new program's training and curriculum are set to bridge the gap between architectural design and production, and provide a large number of highly trained architectural technologists for the local industry.

In 1998, a review on Manpower Training of architectural discipline by the Building and Civil Engineering Training Board of Vocational Training Board confirmed that there was industrial need for well-trained architectural technician in local industry. In view of the need of the industry, the Building and Civil Engineering Training Board has drawn up a set of job specification for architectural technician and their job descriptions. Finally, the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education introduced a new architectural stream for certificate course of Building Studies in academic year 1999/2000.

Qualified Architectural Technologists
Overseas qualified professional body in architectural technology discipline such as "Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists" (former BIAT) has established Centre in Hong Kong since 1985. Many architectural professionals became qualified architectural technologists and they are working in both public and private sectors in Hong Kong.

Members of Committee

(2017 - 2018)

Chairman Mr. LUK Wai-kuen, Stephen
Vice - Chairman Mr. Cheng Woon Hung, Desmond
Secretary Ms. Lee Chui Lin, Helena
Treasurer Mr. Lee Wai Kwong, Thomas
Education Officer

Mr. Szteo Kam On

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